All About Me Activities, Crafts, and Lessons Plans

All About Me Activities, Crafts, and Lessons Plans

All About Me preschool and kindergarten activities, crafts, games, and lesson plans. The theme, All About Me, provides children utilizing the possibility to answer the all-important question «Who Am I?» most of the completed activities could be bound into books for every single child once the theme comes to its conclusion. The next pages can be included: Self-Portrait, Facts me Poem, My Hands Can, and Me Recipe about me, My Opinions. So, move out the pencils, crayons, music, and games and provide each kid a platform for showing the planet his / her special self.

All About Me Center Ideas

Dramatic Play Area
Place different sized mirrors in your dramatic play area. Add clothes that are different hats, wigs, and shoes and let children play dress-up and look at their reflection in the mirrors.

Play Dough Center
Draw a head with no ears, hair, and face features and laminate. Let children use play dough to add the ears, hair, nose, mouth, and eyes towards the mat.

Block Center
Add pictures of your children on the blocks.

Science Center
Trace each young one’s hand on card stock paper and cut out. Write their name regarding the back associated with hand cut-out. Provide an ink pad and let children make fingerprints on the hand cut-out. Add a magnifying glass to the center for kids to observe their fingerprints.

Exactly About Me Circle Time Activities

I Am Glad I Am Me
Original Author Unknown

No one looks the way I do.
We have realized that is true!
no body walks the way I walk.
No one talks the way I talk.
No one plays the real way i play.
No body says the plain things i say.
I will be special! I will be ME!
There’s no on else I would rather be!

I like / I don’t like
Have children stand. Say, «like beans, sit down.» if you like the color red, jump.» or «If you, etc.

I Like Collage

Let children draw a picture of themselves in the paper. They cut out items from magazines of items that they like such as for instance dogs, cats, flowers, family pictures, hot dogs, etc.

I Am Special Because
Have children sit in a circle whilst you play music. Children should pass a bean bag around the circle due to the fact music plays. If the music stops, the kid holding the bag gets to remain true and tell something special about himself/herself making use of the phrase, «I am special because . . . .» Be sure each young child has a turn over the duration of the theme.

I look into the mirror and what do I see?
give out a mirror to every child. Ask them to looking when you look at the mirror and essay writer com pointing to the parts on the face while reciting the rhyme:

My Special Face
Adapted by Jolanda Garcia, KidsSoup Inc.

Once I try looking in a mirror I see my face,
And all of its parts come in their place.
I see two little ears and something little nose,
I see two little eyes and another little mouth.
I see?
A wonderful and special me when I look in the mirror, what do! (Give yourself a hug!)

I’m Special Mirror Craft
Draw a mirror shape on to craft paper and cut out. Cut fully out an oval shape out of aluminum foil and glue regarding the mirror. Let children decorate their mirror.

All About Me Activities and Weekly Plan and Lesson Plans

Exactly About Me Activities

Matching Game:
Make pictures of every young child in your class and print out two copies of each picture. Glue the pictures onto index cards to make a matching game with pictures of this faces associated with the children in your group.

My Birthday (Printables and activity available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library)
Print 12 birthday cakes and write the months of this year in the cakes. Make birthday candles with craft sticks and craft paper and write the true names regarding the children in your class regarding the candles. Make a «Our Birthday Month» chart by writing the names of the children of their birthday month column. Let children find and place the birthday candles on the matching birthday cake.

Make 10 Birthday Cakes and Candles Addition Activity (Printables and activity available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library)

Life-Size Me

What you need:
Butcher paper
Washable black markers

Paper and fabric scraps

What you do:
Trace each young one’s outline with washable markers that are black large pieces of butcher paper. Then, let each young child cut right out his or her outline and decorate it with crayons, yarn, fabric scraps, paper scraps, and any other collage items available. Arrange the completed life-size portraits around the room. If desired, they may be arranged as well as a timeline that is personal each child.

My Name
Create a true name tag with a photograph for every single child. Allow them to practice writing/tracing their name. Slice the photograph and let children match the true names into the photographs. Slice the letters of this true name and let children put their names back together.

Names Spelling Cards
With a black marker write children’s names on an index card. Write each letter associated with young child’s name on a clothespin and place inside a bag that is plastic with the name. Let children find their name card. Then find the plastic that is matching containing the clothespins. Let children clip the clothespins to your the top of name card spelling their name. After children have had enough practice spelling their names, allow them to choose a friend’s name card and also to spell his/her name.

Hidden Names Artwork
With a white crayon, write the kids’s names on a white sheet of paper. Let children use watercolors to paint throughout the paper to show their name.

Building Names
Tape the letters of children’s names on Duplo blocks. Encourage children to use the blocks to create their names or their classmates names.

My Body (Printables and activity available within our KidsSoup Resource Library)
Write the rhyme below on sentence strips place inside your reading chart. See the rhymes and let children point to their matching areas of the body. Point out the word»my» and together say the word. Invite a young child for every single sentence of the rhyme to come up to your board and employ a pointer to obtain the word «my» in the sentence.

Here Are My Fingers
Original Author Unknown

Listed below are my fingers and let me reveal my nose.
Listed below are my ears and listed below are my toes.
Listed here are my eyes that open wide.
Let me reveal my mouth with my shiny white teeth inside.
The following is my pink tongue that will help me speak.
Here are my shoulders and let me reveal my cheek.
Listed here are my hands that help me play.
Listed here are my feet which go walking every day.

Reading Center:
Make cards of every parts of the body. Let children read the rhyme on their own and put the body that is matching card regarding the reading chart.


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